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Try the Award-Winning ADSecure Solution Free for 90-Days

Try the Award-Winning ADSecure Solution Free for 90-Days

Start your 90-day free trial of the Attivo Networks ADSecure award-winning solution, ideal for organizations using Active Directory to authenticate and authorize users and computers in Windows domain networks.

We Make it Easy and Simple

  • No changes to Active Directory. Seamlessly integrate with your endpoint provider making it easy and simple to protect your critical asset.
  • Gain visibility to Active Directory attacks, privilege escalation attempts, and attacker lateral movement. This is all done without changing or touching production Domain Controllers.
  • Experience how the ADSecure solution prevents AD exploitation by hiding real results and returning misinformation that steers an attacker away from the production environment while raising an alert.
  • Learn how concealment and denial of access reduce the attack surface, altering what an attacker can see, and what they can do.

See for yourself the power of ADSecure. Sign up and we will send you a lightweight Virtual Machine to install, connect, and configure and start deploying the ADSecure service to endpoints that day!

Sign up here.


Attivo Networks is the Award Winning Cyber Security Platform

1 Note that trials are limited to individuals that are representatives of a business and
are part of the organization’s security evaluation or authorization process.
2 Other software and program usage terms and conditions may apply.
3 Attivo reserves the right to terminate this promotion without notice and at its sole discretion.
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