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Turn the Tables on Your Attackers with Deception Technology

Reading Time: < 1 minute  |  Published: September 28, 2018 in Attivo News

On this episode of the CyberSpeak with InfoSec Institute podcast, Carolyn Crandall, chief deception officer at Attivo Networks, talks about defending organizations via deception technologies, helping organizations shift from a prevention-based security infrastructure to an active defense, and other security topics.

In the podcast, Crandall and host Chris Sienko discuss:

  • How deception technology works for defense? (1:30)
  • What were the challenges involved in creating a deception department from scratch? (5:15)
  •  If breaches are inevitable, how does that impact security strategy? (12:55)
  •  How do you get buy-in from employees if everyone is getting infected? (14:55)
  •  What is the next step following a breach? (16:45)
  •  Is deception technology mostly done in-house or can be it outsourced? (18:35)
  • What are the strategies for security around remote workers? (21:55)

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