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US visa applicants become latest victims of targeted malware attacks

Reading Time: < 1 minute  |  Published: June 9, 2016 in Industry News

US visa applicants in Switzerland are falling victim to a hitherto unknown malware called Qarallaz RAT or QRAT, which is being distributed via Skype by an unknown entity posing as a US government official. Upon further investigation, security researchers uncovered that the malware has been active elsewhere as well, targeting US visa applicants in various countries.

F-Secure security researchers claim that hacker/hackers posing as US government officials, claiming to provide guidance on visa application procedures, have been sending people a malicious Java file named “US Travel Docs Information.jar“, containing a new strain of RAT (Remote Access Trojan), which enables hackers to gain access to victims’ computers. The QRATmalware has the alarming ability to seize mouse clicks, cursor movements, keystrokes and even remotely operate and manipulate webcam operations such as taking snapshots or videos.


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