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Zero Hour Podcast – Threat Detection, Deception & Intelligence

In the latest episode of the Zero Hour Podcast, Tony Cole joined Karl Sharman to discuss Threat Detection, Deception, and Intelligence. Tony is a veteran within cybersecurity having served in senior positions at Symantec, McAfee, and FireEye over a 30-year career. Tony is now the CTO for Attivo Networks, the award-winning leader in deception for cybersecurity threat detection as well as serving as a member of the NASA Advisory Council.

Key Points
– An adversary focus can help us rebuild our security to ensure that even if they get in they are not successful
– Make the adversary work harder to achieve their goals or make it difficult enough where they go after someone else instead.
– It will happen to you, and it’s more likely happened to you already, as you have been focused on prevention over detection.

Key Minutes:
3:30 First time hearing about cybersecurity
4:20 What does it mean to work in cyber?
5:26 Working for FireEye, McAfee & Symantec
12:27 Now CTO at Attivo, who & why?
14:00 Delivering strategy
15:30 Countering threat
16:55 The meaning of adversary
20:45 Leading with Threat Intelligence
21:57 Prevention or Detection?
24:08 Active Cyber Defense
25:50 It won’t happen to me
27:25 Countering the evolving threat
29:20 Increasing budgets within cybersecurity
31:32 What is deception?
34:55 Finding room for regulations
36:14 Relating to nation state risks
39:40 Being a target in the Pentagon
45:40 Being a leading figure within cybersecurity
45:38 The best advice for a person coming into cybersecurity
51:50 Ten Quick Fire Questions

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